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Great workflows start with great apps.
Hedge make software that fixes the broken bits of a video workflow. The difficult stuff. The awkward things. The repetitive chores. All those things that keep wasting your time.


The indispensable data manager, designed from the ground up for media file copying, backing up and archiving. Renowned for its speed and ease of use, OffShoot transfers to and from any kind of storage. Use it on-set, in the office, or while on the road. OffShoot is tailored to transfer video files safe and secure, but is also perfect for audio, stills, and virtual production assets.


All the Avid goodness you’re used to, wherever you are. Industry-leading bin-locking technology for Media Composer with full support for both your NAS and cloud drive that doesn’t break the bank. Whether you and your team work on-prem with a SAN or NAS, or remote, with LucidLink’s Filespaces, it’s a seamless transition. Already have invested in local shared storage? Add it to the mix, for the perfect hybrid workflow. Plus, it fully supports Apple silicon.


LTO is fast, vast, and robust. But easy to use? Not out of the box. Canister brings unrivaled setup and driver assistance plus a drag-and-drop interface to LTO, the lowest-cost way to store media files long-term. Archive to one or multiple tapes, browse them in Finder without having to mount them, retrieve through Finder, all without needing an IT degree.

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