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World-class storage solutions for photographers, videographers, audio professionals, and other power users. With leading technology, performance, quality, and customer support, LaCie helps you realize your creative vision.

Pros Trust the Rugged Family.

Since 2005, LaCie Rugged® portable hard drives have thrived where only the toughest survive — the film sets, photo shoots, and music studios of the world’s most influential creative pros. Why? Because LaCie Rugged products are the industry’s most trusted way to capture and transport data in the field.


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Centralise With an External Hard Drive

Laptops today are powerful and portable, but their slim build means fewer ports and memory card slots — and therefore more dongles. The LaCie 1big Dock is here, not only to help you safely store and back up loads of footage, but to charge your phone and USB devices, let you offload files, connect pro 4K monitors, and power your laptop. All through a single cable that leads from your drive to your laptop and dishes out incredible Thunderbolt™ 4, and USB4, compatible performance.

Rescue Data Recovery Services

Because we care about your data as much as you do.

Your Work Is Worth an Extra Layer of Protection

We know how much your digital content means. And sadly, you can lose it all in a second — from accidental file deletion and viruses to damaging malware, power surges, water damage and more. With our latest professional line of solutions, you’ll benefit from more than exquisite drive performance — you’ll be armed with Rescue Data Recovery Services.
All causes for data loss are covered. Our 95% success rate makes us industry leaders in data recovery. Expect exceptional customer service, always. Data recovery can cost thousands. With our Rescue Plan, you’re covered.

Store. Dock. Streamline.

Whether you’re a seasoned creative pro or just getting started, the LaCie family has something for everyone: a docking solution with an array of helpful ports and card slots; hardware RAID 0/1 for controlling speed, capacity, or data redundancy; huge capacity for archiving; smooth USB-C and Thunderbolt 4 speeds; Rescue Data Recovery services for long-term peace of mind; and enterprise-class drives dishing out intense performance so you can do what you do — better.

Get a Boost on the Go

Whether you’re ploughing through projects during your commute or you’re posted up at a cafe, this USB 3.2 Gen 2 (USB-C) external SSD for Mac and Windows delivers a satisfying breakthrough in solid state drive speed and durability. 

Seamlessly browse high-res files, transfer them to your laptop, or edit straight from the drive — whenever and wherever your creativity is at its peak.