Extraordinary infrastructure for next generation digital transformation


Maximise your potential with cutting edge technology solutions that rapidly create value

Extraordinary infrastructure for next generation digital transformation


Instant decision making with break-through compute power for advanced analytics and AI

Extraordinary infrastructure for next generation digital transformation


Ensure rapid response to threats and changing environments with uncompromised solutions tailored to your needs

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Amulet Hotkey

Solutions that place you at the top of your game

Agile and secure, Amulet Hotkey’s mission-critical infrastructure solutions power the operations of many of the world’s leading global organizations. Innovative, UK-developed world-class engineering, empowering next generation digital transformation.

Agile Work Environments

Powerful, versatile and secure remote workstation solutions for trading floor, media, control room and many others.

Edge, AI & Computer Vision

Digital data analytics at scale for Smart Cities and IOT applications

High Performance Computing

Ground-breaking resource density through smart thermal and power management

The trusted choice for power, agility, and security for mission critical and data intensive workloads

Trusted for 30 years to provide knowledge and expertise delivering leading end-to-end computing solutions. Amulet Hotkey’s deep sector experience ensures they deliver the agile, high-performance, secure infrastructure you need.

Global Clients
Trusted to create and support their mission critical infrastructure
Meeting their customers’ needs wherever they need to be


Deep sector understanding and specialist solutions tailored to your industry

Why choose Amulet Hotkey?

Amulet Hotkey innovates exceptional technology infrastructure providing best-in-class power, agility and security for mission critical and data intensive workloads.
You’ll transform your competitive advantage with the reassurance of 24/7 global support, joining more than 300 global organizations Amulet Hotkey has empowered for next generation digital transformation. Their specialist and experienced teams will work with you to deliver rapidly deployable, creative end to end solutions, designed to reinforce your organization in the most demanding environments.

The key gains for your business.

Amulet Hotkey manufactures specialist, scalable, computing solutions that deliver transformative power with advanced analytics and AI, at base or the edge, and IOT.

Amulet Hotkey provides customers with access to a global 24/7 service desk to resolve all technology questions and issues. This provides a single point of contact amongst their experienced team, and collaboration with third party vendors for rapid resolutions.

Empower your organization to respond swiftly to change by enabling your employees to work from anywhere with no compromise on performance.
Benefit from experienced sector teams, expert in creating solutions tailored to specific customer needs, or differentiation for integration partners, to win large tenders for specialist projects.

Amulet Hotkey’s team has over 30 years of unrivaled expertise and partnerships, guaranteeing the security of your people and data. Options are available up to the ultimate in defense grade certification, accredited for NATO and ally facilities.


Flexible and scaleable remote graphics workstation and desktop infrastructure solutions for mission-critical environments.

Remote Workstation

Data center optimized solutions providing even the most demanding users with access to remote graphic workstations.

Secure Endpoints

Secure endpoints that support secure remote access to physical or virtual graphic workstations or virtual desktops using the PColP remote display protocol.

GPU Acceleration

Realize the benefits and efficiency of an agile and flexible infrastructure using the latest virtual GPU accelerator technology from NVIDIA.

Advanced KVM

Advanced KVM Extender hosts provide remote access to any existing graphic workstation for your most demanding users. Options include rackmount hosts, workstation hosts and PCle cards.

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