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Lyve Cloud

Object Storage Designed for Multicloud

No egress fees. No API charges. No friction.

Seagate Lyve Cloud

Multicloud Freedom as a Service

Enable multicloud freedom with Seagate® Lyve™ Cloud — a simple, trusted, and efficient object storage solution for mass data. Predictable capacity-based pricing with no hidden fees for egress or API calls reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) so you’ll never be surprised by your cloud bill. Put your data to work with verifiable trust and ease of use at scale from the global leader in data management.
Multicloud Freedom
Transfer data seamlessly across public and private cloud environments without extra charges for egress or API calls.
Low and Stable TCO
Lower your cloud storage bill by as much as 70% with industry leading TCO.
Access Without Delays
Access data anytime without costly delays thanks to best-in-class availability and durability.
World-Class Security
Safeguard your data assets with the most stringent, globally recognised security standards.

Scaling Multicloud Is Hard

Multicloud is set to transform the way companies manage and store data, but the transition has created a wide range of storage challenges. These include:

Unlock the Full Value of Multicloud

Lyve Cloud object storage is designed to tear down barriers between different cloud environments. With no egress or API fees, you can move your data seamlessly across private, public, and compute clouds — accessing it wherever and whenever you need it. Break down data silos with storage designed for multicloud freedom:

Reduce Multicloud Costs and Cut Storage TCO by 70+%

With no hidden fees for egress or API calls, Lyve Cloud provides stable pricing to ensure long-term cost predictability and no shocking cloud bills. Thanks to its vertical integration with other Seagate products and services, Lyve Cloud provides affordable storage and delivers TCO savings of 70% or more, as well as:

Common Use Cases

Backup and Restore

Losing data to human errors, disaster events, or ransomware can destroy entire businesses. Will yours be one of them? Fortify your 3-2-1-1 backup strategy with always-on cloud storage. Multi-region availability, replication, and object immutability make this storage-only cloud an ideal repository for backup storage and disaster recovery that complements your existing multicloud strategy. Get world-class security, proven reliability, and predictable storage costs — all at the best value per terabyte.

Content Repository

Store content-rich files from security environments and media production workflows in a scale-out repository while paying only for the capacity used. This lowers TCO for hybrid or hosted video surveillance as a service and real-time media collaboration, enabling you to access live and recorded video data from anywhere on demand and retain that data securely and efficiently for as long as you need. Seamless integration with AI-enabled technologies supports rich analytics and improves data access for better activation and reuse.

Data Analytics

Put mass data generated by IoT devices, application logs, transaction data, and more to work with your choice of compute for S3 workloads. Object storage without cost-prohibitive extras brings predictable economics to big data analytics for data engineering and MLOps. Reliable, secure, and highly available, this flexible solution complements your existing multicloud strategy while maximising capacity over time.

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