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Incomparably fast, wherever you go

CEB-G Series CFExpress Type B Memory Card
Ultra Fast Recording Speed – With write speeds of up to 1600MB/s (240GB) and 1750MB/s (480GB), this is one of fastest memory cards around. Ideal for uncompressed continuous RAW shooting of fast-moving action such as motorsports and wildlife., Sony CFexpress Type B cards open up a wide range of new imaging possibilities.

Incomparably fast, wherever you go

Embrace speed with the new CFexpress Type B memory card
With incredible speeds of up to 1850 MB/s1(read) and 1750 MB/s1(write), CEB-G series is designed for professional photographers, videographers and enthusiasts looking to boost workflows with its fast speed and exceptional reliability.

Work faster, be more productive

CFexpress Type B memory cards open up worlds of opportunity for professionals. Handling high resolution files and high speed recordings in a small but rugged format, it’s perfect for speeding up workflows and improving productivity, allowing you to have more time available for creative work.
For the roughest places
With a tough design, CFexpress Type B memory cards offer superior strength more than 3x greater than the CFexpress Type B standard of bending, with additional rigidity tested to 70 newtons of force, and can withstand falls up to 5 metres high.
For the toughest conditions
You can rely on CFexpress Type B memory cards to work faultlessly in extreme temperatures, X-rays, electrostatic and intensive UV sunlight.

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Speed up with the CFexpress Type B card reader

Optimised for Sony CFexpress Type B memory cards, this optional card reader “MRW-G1” allows you to transfer data via a USB SuperSpeed 10 Gbps interface and take full advantage of high speed backups and more efficient workflows. It’s compact, easy to carry and works with both Sony CFexpress Type B and Sony XQD G series memory cards.