Sony CEB-G Series CFExpress Type B Memory Card

Incomparably fast, wherever you go


Ultra Fast Recording Speed

With write speeds of up to 1600MB/s (240GB) and 1750MB/s (480GB), this is one of fastest memory cards around. Ideal for uncompressed continuous RAW shooting of fast-moving action such as motorsports and wildlife., Sony CFexpress Type B cards open up a wide range of new imaging possibilities.

Made Tough

Take your CFexpress Type B memory card to sports events, location shoots or on outdoor expeditions. It’s designed for extended professional use in the most challenging environments offering superior resistance to bending and additional rigidity.

High-Grade Videography

Sony CFexpress Type B cards enable stable, high-speed video capture at 4K resolution and beyond, making them a natural partner for high-end cameras. For added assurance and video recording stability, they enable stable data rates during recording.

Ultra-Efficeint Workflow

Transfer and backup large-sized data such as batches of high-resolution photos or high bitrate videos to a PC faster than ever with the optimised card reader MRW-G1, leaving you more time to retouch and edit your content.

Scan and Monitor Your Memory

Over time, flash memory wears out and no longer records data. Media Scan Utility automatically scans your CFexpress Type B memory card, keeping you informed of its condition so you can take action before the limit is reached. Card reader “MRW-G1” is needed to scan Sony CFexpress Type B memory cards.

Recover Lost Files

Even when things go wrong, you can avoid disaster with downloadable rescue software for Sony memory card customers that recovers accidentally deleted files and corrupted photos and videos in various common formats.

Key Features

The Sony CFexpress Type B Tough Memory Card, unlocking rapid write speeds of up to 1750MB/s, perfect for seamless RAW shooting and high bitrate 4K video capture in challenging envirionments. With quick data transfer using the optimized MRW-G1 card reader, you can spend more time behind the lens and less time in front of your computer. Plus, rest easy knowing your card's health is monitored with the Media Scan Utility, while downloadable rescue software ensures your precious memories are always safeguarded. Elevate your photography and videography experience today.

  • Enhanced workflow with extremely high read speed of up to 1750MB/s
  • Tough specification for challenging environments
  • Media Scan Utility monitors the condition and storage limit of your card
  • Downloadable rescue software for Sony memory card customers that recovers accidentally deleted files
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