Tools that make video simple.

Their software suite seamlessly integrates live multicam production, automation, and post-production processes, propelling your projects from initial capture to polished product with uncomplicated ease.

Streamlining Multicam: From Live Production to Post

Client Pro

Simplified interface for configuring, scheduling, and monitoring up to 16 channels of record and playback.

Live Logger

Tag logs and add custom comments to individual or grouped channels during a live stream, then export your metadata directly to your NLE

Live Replay

Review live-logged comments and access growing video streams instantly from anywhere in the world for a seamless remote multicam workflow.


Time-synced recording and monitoring for up to 100 channels.


Workflow automation for transcode, captions, insert and metadata edit. Includes software QC file restoration with third party integrations.


File mastering software featuring patented insert edit for video/audio, audio versioning, and closed caption editing and insertion.

Ingest Products

Software – Hardware – Cloud

Play Video
For over a decade, Cinedeck has been at the forefront of multicam video production, offering adaptable solutions for both cloud and on-premise setups. They take pride in their capacity to transcend traditional limits, developing imaginative workflows and forging customized, effective solutions to meet your requirements.
Their proficiency is rooted in providing encoding for edit-ready formats, facilitating a smooth transition from camera to post-production, and streamlining file deliveries with their patented insert-edit technology. Their devoted team is constantly working to create tools that enable you to refine your workflows and boost your productivity.

Supported Workflows

Cinedeck caters to an array of workflows, encompassing live events, studio multicam, archival projects, and beyond. Infuse innovation, dependability, and redundancy into each unique application. See the workflows below.

User Interface

The Cinedeck Client application is a distinct software component from the Cinedeck Server, designed for control, monitoring, and review purposes. By configuring each client session with one or multiple IP addresses, you can enjoy instant monitoring on PC, Mac, and Chrome browsers. The Chrome browser deployment of the Cinedeck Client offers secure one-way browsing.
Enhance previews for your stakeholders by incorporating character overlays or timecode burns, keeping them informed about your most crucial recordings. Customize user access by defining permissions; for example, an operator may be granted record permission, while a producer could have view-only access.

Live Logging


Live logging with Cinedeck servers supercharges production workflows. It facilitates real-time metadata tagging, streamlining post-production tasks. Instant access to crucial moments boosts efficiency. Annotations provide key context. Live logging with Cinedeck delivers high-quality content faster, redefining competitiveness in the media industry.
XML for live logging supported for Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X and MAMs.

Play Listing


Experience complete control with Cinedeck’s playlisting application. Choose any channel for dedicated playout, tailored to your broadcasting needs, giving you a custom viewing experience. Select and reorder clips with ease from any network device, bringing flexibility and versatility to your programming. Adapt to every scenario with the ability to play out mixed framerates and codecs, ensuring smooth transitions and continuity. For utmost precision, select specific in and out points from each clip, giving you surgical control over your content.

Live Replay


  • Simple to Use UI: Set points, send clips for immediate review, or craft highlight reels compatible with Premiere and Resolve.
  • On-the-Go Replays: Immediate playback either on-site or in the cloud.
  • Real-Time Control: Features like scrubbing and full transport control even as the clip grows.
  • Versatility: Compatible with PC, Mac, and browsers; operates both in the cloud and on-premises.
  • Efficiency with CD2: A software-only solution running on standard hardware.



Discover seamless control with their Broadcast Control App. Specially designed for high-scale, complex multichannel productions, this tool provides comprehensive control and monitoring for up to 100 channels within a single user interface. Select and record groups of channels effortlessly, offering unparalleled flexibility in your broadcast management. Its superior technology ensures perfect frame-sync across all channels. Scale your production capabilities and maintain impeccable synchronization with this dynamic, user-friendly tool.

Cinedeck ZX2U Series: Pro and Max

Elevate Your Production Workflow
Cinedeck introduces the ZX2U Pro and ZX2U Max, engineered for media professionals who seek unparalleled encoding power and flexibility. These 2U form factor powerhouses are designed to accelerate and streamline your video production and post-production workflows, leveraging a hardware platform recognized for its dependability and performance in the industry.


The ZX2U Pro is equipped with a standard CPU, tailored for consistent performance and reliability. It’s the perfect fit for industry professionals who need a robust solution for everyday media tasks.


For those who demand more, the ZX2U Max steps up with an upgraded CPU, offering enhanced encoding capabilities. Handle more complex tasks and larger projects with ease, thanks to its increased processing power.


  • 3G Model: Supports 3G inputs for standard broadcast quality.
  • 12G Model: Offers flexibility with both 3G and 12G inputs, accommodating higher resolution and frame rates.
  • IP-2110 Card: Embraces the future with IP-2110 inputs, perfect for modern IP-based workflows.
All models are NDI and SRT ready, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of networks and protocols.


Cinedeck’s RX2 redesign features a rack mountable, slim 2U chassis that can record 2i/2o or 4in mode. Cinedeck’s UI, Client 2.0 provides even greater flexibility for your production and can run independently as a controller, scheduler or multiviewer on any Mac or PC device, controlling one or more Cinedeck appliances.


The LX is Cinedeck’s IP recorder supporting NDI, SRT and optionally IP2110 inputs. It features a new user interface designed from the ground up to make multi-camera ingest as simple and user friendly as possible. Ingest edit-ready formats that can be written directly to shared storage for your most streamlined camera to post workflow.


Media Workflow Automation

ConneX is a flexible and scalable media processing platform that makes it easy to connect powerful, automated workflows with award-winning capture, conform, and media processing technologies.

ConneX makes it easy to modify content on the fly getting you from record to delivery faster and easier without having to write code or invest in expensive software.
Automate your workflow in just a few steps using the ConneX service. ConneX is made up of the following discrete services:

Extending Workflows with Partners

Restore & Repair Media
Automated File QC
Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage
Experience the evolution of media workflow with ConneX. They’re expanding their capabilities, integrating more partners to provide comprehensive services such as file restoration, automated QC, storage, and file acceleration. This is in addition to their established features such as insert edit for video and audio, audio WAV extraction, metadata edits, timecode restriping, caption conversions and extracts, and efficient file trims and transcodes. Whether you’re working within a database or moving to S3, ConneX is your key to a seamless, efficient media production process.

ConneX and Cinedeck Ingest: A Total Workflow Solution


Cinedeck Ingest and ConneX create a seamless process from production to post-production, eliminating time-consuming transfers or conversions, thereby ensuring a smooth, efficient workflow.


ConneX is designed to integrate smoothly with technology from various partners, creating a comprehensive and cohesive video workflow. This means they can work seamlessly with different software and hardware systems involved in the video production process, from initial recording to final post-production edits.


From capturing high-quality footage, seamlessly transcoding it into various formats, to efficient content delivery, every step is expedited, ensuring a smoother workflow, and quicker time-to-market.

CineX Suite


Having to export files again and again, because of little tweaks here and there will now be a thing of the past, because cineXtools will help you do that in minutes rather than hours. cineXtools is a stand-alone media-file and deliverables management application. A useful and timesaving companion to any non-linear video editor.
CineXtools is an easy video editing software that consists of several modules.
Make a change to any of part of your video without having to re-export again and again.
Make video, audio or closed captions changes to the file you’ve already exported. Don’t let a mistake in your video set you back hours. Use CineXtools insert edit to fix your files incredibly fast and easily without compromise.
Also, CineXtools is resolution independent. This means HD, 4K and even 8K are all supported.

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