LaCie 2big RAID

Professional Desktop RAID Storage



Ideal for creative professionals who need reliable photo backup and seamless video editing, 2big RAID delivers up to 40TB of trusted desktop storage. Easy-to-configure hardware RAID 0/1 enables versatile speed, capacity, and data redundancy, while LaCie RAID Manager sends alerts about drive and system health. IronWolf Pro drives support fast, smooth workflows with 7,200 RPM performance and long-term reliability. Hot swappable drives are easy to replace when needed, even while 2big RAID is running. And if a natural disaster or accident strikes, rest easy with 5-year Rescue Data Recovery Services.

Professional RAID Made Easy

•  Fast Performance: Speeds of up to 440 MB/s enable fast large-file transfers and seamless 4K video editing.

•  Loads of Capacity: Offering up to 40TB of storage for large-scale projects and long-term archiving.

•  Hot-Swappable Drives: Easily remove and replace drives while 2big is still operating.

•  Simple RAID Configuration: New to RAID? LaCie Toolkit offers step-by-step assistance with setup. For the best speeds and capacity, choose RAID 0. For data redundancy, choose RAID 1.

•  Universal Compatibility: With a USB-C port for the latest computers connecting to a variety of devices is easy.

Key Features

•  Transfer speeds of up to 440 MB/s

•  7,200 RPM/64 MB cache (or greater) IronWolf® Pro enterprise-class hard drives

•  Innovative design with 2-bay RAID for reliability

•  LaCie® Toolkit offers step-by-step RAID configuration

•  LaCie RAID Manager monitors drive

•  Backed by 5-year Rescue Data Recovery Services

What’s In The Box

•  LaCie® 2big RAID

•  USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gb/s) cable

•  External power supply

•  Quick Install Guide

Hedge – The Perfect Compliment

Why not consider Hedge software to use with your Hard Drive? Offload media lightning fast, whether it’s video, stills or audio. Make your life easy and let Hedge do the tedious jobs. Hedge feels just at home on your Mac as it does on Windows.

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