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Taking all the hassle out of working with LTO. Not kidding.

Archive without headaches

LTO as it was meant to be. Canister works with standalone LTO drives, supports the newest LTFS drivers, and accepts all source types. Direct-to-tape transfers? With our Shoeshine Protection technology, it’s finally possible.

Retrieve anywhere, anytime

Canister is full of technology to ensure tapes are taxed as little as possible. Browse your LTOs and cherrypick only what you need to retrieve without activating the tape to prevent unneeded winding back and forth of your LTOs.

For macOS and Windows

Canister is at home on Windows just as well as on macOS, because all Hedge apps are crafted to make the most of what each OS has to offer. That means no cross-platform ballast, ginormous apps, or dinky user interfaces.

“A beautiful program – I’ve been backing

up raw movie materials via LTFS for a decade now, and

the process has always been an obtuse annoyance.

Canister is decidedly the exception.”

Ryan Stemple – Journeywork Entertainment

Who said working with LTO wasn't enjoyable?

Browse tapes without mounting

Canister offers access to all your tapes without needing to mount them first. Catalogs are created for each tape and made available as a network mount indexed by your OS. All changes are tracked, all versions are kept, like a Time Machine.

Illegal characters, solved

No more need to preprocesses all your files before archiving them to tape. Canister handles any illegal character for you with URL encoding, including all international characters and extended attributes. Rocksolid, futureproof, and without ado.

Full-blown verification

No archive is useful if it hasn’t been fully verified to contain what it should, so you can safely delete the original if needed. With our Checkpoint verification technology on-board, Canister verifies every bit. Need MD5 for legacy workflows? No problem either. 

Duplicate Detection

With projects taking weeks or even months to complete, archiving that what changed regularly is a necessity for many. With duplicate detection built into its core, Canister makes it possible to do those essential incremental backups without realizing it.


Track the progress of your transfers, wherever you are, with our online dashboard Connect. Receive push notifications when a tape has finished, making sure you have the lowest turnaround time as possible on all that you need to do.

ETAs that mean something

With a typical full-tape archival and verification easily taking the better part of 24 hours, getting a good sense of how long your transfer will take becomes essential. Canister’s ETA algorithm tells you what you can expect, and when.

All the logs you could've asked for

With LTO, there’s always a need for paperwork somewhere down the line. That’s why Canister packs it all: Transfer Logs, Media Hash Lists, Manifests, and a very complete in-app Console. Because you never know what you need, until you do.

No more Terminal or PowerShell

Before Canister, LTO made you feel like you needed a Computer Science crash course. Everything that required you to resort to Terminal or PowerShell can now easily be done within Canister. Format, mount, erase – even recovery is built-in.

Shoeshine Protection

With LTO getting faster and faster, source media can quickly become a bottleneck. With regular copy methods, too slow sources shorten the lifespan of your tapes severely. Canister’s Shoeshine Protection actively manages supply and demand, resulting in one steady and continous data stream.

The following features are currently available on macOS only.

Zero Driver Fuss

WInstalling drivers for LTFS on macOS is a nightmare if done manually. Canister’s Preflight Checks detect which drivers your system needs, downloads each correct version, and you’ll be off to the races before you know it.


Canister comes with built-in support for MagStor’s NanoPure premium LTO media. Precalibrated and sanitized, NanoPure media paired with Canister gives you a unique insight on the health status of your tapes each time you use them.


Archiving more than will fit on a single tape? Canister’s spanning engine keeps track of your files across multiple tapes. Just start archiving to the first tape, add a Label, and Canister will tell you when it needs a new tape. Rinse, repeat, until done.

Simultaneous Archiving

Safety comes in numbers, so it’s becoming more and more common to create multiple LTO copies at the same time – to save them in separate geographical locations. Canister’s foundation is built to be truly multi-device.

No subscriptions. Simple, predictable pricing.

A Canister license is perpetual, works on macOS and Windows, and includes a year of updates and support.
For powerful no-frills LTO workflows

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