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The industry-leading Bin Locking
technology, now a Hedge app.

Mimiq brings freedom of choice to Media Composer users. Bin Locking for Mac, Windows, and for any type of shared storage.

Bin Locking 101

Bin locking is a simple idea. It stops others from overwriting your files while they’re working with you on a shared project, and was introduced by Avid in Media Composer.
With the bin you’re working in locked, no-one else can get in to your edit. When you’re done, the bins are unlocked, so others can add to or modify your work.
Sounds simple, but not if you want to use third-party storage for your Avid. Mimiq changes all of that.
Until Mimiq, the only way to work collaboratively with other Media Composer editors was through expensive proprietary hardware. There was no way to use the plethora of third-party storage available to everyone at sensible prices.
Now, anyone can set up a collaborative editing workflow for Media Composer.
“Mimiq is an incredible piece of software for Media Composer users, giving you complete freedom to use whatever shared storage system you prefer.”
— Zeb Chadfield, The Finish Line

Bring your own storage

Mimiq frees you from vendor lock-in; you just pick whichever shared storage you prefer to work with. Any NAS will do, saving you money on hardware that you can spend instead to enhance creativity. Gone are the days when you’re coerced into buying expensive proprietary storage that acts like a giant dongle, just to enable bin locking.

For remote and hybrid teams

Supercharge your Media Composer workflow with Mimiq Pro and LucidLink. Whether you and your team work on-prem or remote, with LucidLink’s Filespaces it’s a seemless transition. Already have invested in local shared storage? Add it to the mix, for the perfect hybrid workflow.

Up-to-date and future proof

Nodody likes doing the same thing twice, unless it’s about offering proper native OS support. As with all Hedge apps, Mimiq has separate dedicated technology for both macOS and Windows, making sure you get the best experience whether you’re on Mac or Windows. And yes, that includes native Apple silicon support — an industry first.

Modern license management

Forget the rigid MAC address licenses of the old Mimiq. No need for a degree in IT to set up or move licenses. Through the License Manager, it’s dead easy now, with unlimited portability and even remote deactivations.

No setup fees or long-term contracts

Because Mimiq is not a subscription, pricing is very flexible. No need for a support contract, there are no monthly fees, and the 10-day trial ensures you know Mimiq will work for you and your team before spending a dime. Best of all: adding more people to your team doesn’t break the bank.

Wide version support

No editor likes upgrading their Media Composer if it can be avoided. That’s why we are on par with Avid, supporting all versions of Media composer that Avid supports, plus a wider range of macOS versions, and of course, Windows 10 and 11.

Simple, predictable pricing.

A Mimiq license is perpetual, works on Mac and Windows, and includes a year of updates and support.
Using legacy Mimiq? Email us for your custom discount.
For bin-locking of network mounts, on Mac and Windows.
Mimiq Pro
For remote, on-prem, and airgapped teams – all at the same time.

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