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Cinedeck ConneX

Cinedeck ConneX


Media Workflow Automation

ConneX is a flexible and scalable media processing platform that makes it easy to connect powerful, automated workflows with award-winning capture, conform, and media processing technologies.

ConneX makes it easy to modify content on the fly getting you from record to delivery faster and easier without having to write code or invest in expensive software. Automate your workflow in just a few steps using the ConneX service.

ConneX is made up of the following discrete services:

  • Insert Edit – Video and Audio
  • Audio Wav Extraction (as WAV)
  • Metadata Edits (cineXmeta)
  • Timecode Restripe
  • Captions – Conversion and Extract Analog Captions
  • Move or Copy within a database or to S3
  • File Trim – Set in/out point for trim
  • Transcode – between supported broadcast formats

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