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Sony Professional Media

Sony’s market-leading professional media offer unrivalled quality, reliability and choice for shooting, editing, broadcasting and archiving.

Sony Tough CFexpress Type A Memory Card   
Super-charge your professional video and photography workflows with Sony’s CFexpress Type A memory cards – ideal for advanced cameras like the a7S III.

The world’s first CFexpress Type A cards, they deliver extraordinary speed, around twice that of the best SDXC cards, in a similarly compact body. With write speeds up to 700MB/s and professional-level durability, Sony CFexpress Type A cards open up a wide range of new imaging possibilities.

Designed for professional performance and extreme reliability, this is the toughest SD card.

An ultra-strong resin-moulded design makes the SF-G series TOUGH specification cards 18 times more resistant to bending than conventional SD cards. That’s toughness you can rely on for high-stakes shooting, in any environment and in any weather.

Sony XQD G-Series Memory Card   
Sony professional XQD memory cards are perfect for burst shooting and capturing 4K videos, ideal for filmmakers and professional photographers.

With their extremely fast write speeds, Sony XQD G Series Memory Cards are ideal for continuous RAW burst shooting with high-end DSLRs. Capture up to 200 RAW images in a burst – 1.5x more than with the fastest Compact Flash cards. Read Speed: 440MB/s, Write Speed: 400MB/s.

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