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Doghouse Post Production Ltd transforms their media storage with MatrixStore Cloud.​

Object Matrix proudly announces that creative production house, Doghouse Post Production has migrated its archive to MatrixStore Cloud.

Founded in 2004, Doghouse provides full post production and visual effects services in one of Bristol’s busiest and best-loved post-production facilities.  Their ethos has always been to provide a friendly environment with bespoke creative and technical solutions.

Doghouse needed to find a solution that protected their archive content off-site, moving them away from LTO with minimal disruption and effort, with all the benefits of increased efficiency and productivity when accessing archived content.

MatrixStore Cloud is a stunningly simple cloud storage platform designed for media workflows that enables Doghouse to protect their archive, backup their work in progress, and access their content from anywhere.  With competitive pricing, comparable to public cloud offerings, built-in media management, and no egress fees MatrixStore Cloud is proving to be exactly the right technical and commercial offering for Doghouse and many other production companies across the UK, Europe, and the USA.

Content will be archived to MatrixStore Cloud using a range of backup tools, the S3 interface, and file acceleration. Once migrated, the entire archive will be accessed from one place, using the built-in web-based management application ‘Vision’ from Object Matrix, enabling local and global teams to search and share archive content from anywhere, at any time.

MatrixStore Cloud enables Doghouse to maximise the efficiencies of the cloud and share archived content with other stakeholders while retaining the flexibility to easily and quickly scale as required. At the same time, MatrixStore Cloud and Vision ensure the archive remains secure and fully auditable.

Fred Tay, Creative Director, Colourist & VFX Supervisor at Doghouse, says “Object matrix has enabled us to modernise workflows away from LTO as demand to access archive quickly, securely and from different physical locations has increased since the pandemic. We look forward to extending these services to our clients in tandem with more efficient workflows to enable remote viewing of assets and master files.”

Peter Watling, Global Head of Cloud Sales at Object Matrix, says “As a well respected and renowned post production facility that is fairly local to us I am very pleased that MatrixStore Cloud provides both the security and seamless search functionality to protect their valuable content and provide value added benefit to the company.”

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