Sony SxS PRO X Memory Card

Ultra-Fast Transfer Speed up to 10 Gps (1,250 MB/s)


Ultra-Fast Transfer Speed up to 10 Gps (1,250 MB/s)

Using the PCI Express 3.0 advanced interface and Sony's newly developed unique intelligent controller delivers 3 x faster ingest time compared to current versions. In combination with the new SBAC-T40 reader writer, the PRO X transfers 240-GB video content to a computer in approximately 3.5 minutes, which greatly improves workflow efficiency for professionals.

*Based on Sony internal testing. Transfer speeds vary and are dependent on host devices, the OS version or usage conditions.

*When using with SBAC-US30 or SBAC-UT100, transfer speeds may be slower compared to conventional SxS cards. For high-speed data transfer, using with SBACT40 is recommended.

Stable 4K video capture of high bit rate

EB streaming technology, which enables constant two-way communication between cards and Sony camcorders, ensures a stable high frame rate recording, while avoiding speed degradation. Capable of recording up to 45 minutes of XAVC 4K 60p (600 Mbps) footage in a 240-GB card with compatible Sony camcorders, such as VENICE.

Proven Reliability for Professionals

Continuously verified through strict inspections and various quality-assurance tests on the manufacturing process as the best trusted professional memory cards.

What’s In The Box

  • SxS PRO X Memory Card


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