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Sony LMD-B240

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24-inch cost-effective, lightweight basic grade Full HD LCD monitor

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    Lightweight and slim Full HD (1920 x 1080) LMD-B Series monitor with an excellent cost-performance ratio and unique SDI and HDMI sync-free side by side configurations

    The LMD-B240 23.8-inch LMD-B Series lightweight and compact LCD monitor offers Full HD resolution. The LMD-B Series offers convenient features, functions and the same user-interface design and operability as PVM-A Series OLED and LMD-A Series Premium LCD picture monitors. This consistency between the PVM-A, LMD-A and LMD-B Series makes it easy for users to work with all three monitors and integrate them in the same work environment. The LMD-B240 offers unique SDI and HDMI sync-free side by side configurations, whereby HD, SD, different frame rates, interlace, PsF and progressive pictures can by displayed on the same monitor. The LMD-B Series monitors are a cost-effective and versatile solution for a wide range of professional applications, including DC operation and wall-mounting. The monitor features a user reset function and includes stereo front-mounted speakers and an audio muting function. In addition, the LMD-B240 includes a natural ventilation system meaning no audio disruption from an internal cooling fan, making the monitor highly suitable for video shooting and critical audio operations.

    Unique SDI and HDMI sync-free side by side configurations

    The LMD-B240 offers unique SDI and HDMI sync-free side by side configurations, whereby HD, SD, different frame rates, interlace, PsF and progressive pictures can by displayed on the same monitor.

    23.8-inch screen size and Full HD resolution

    The LMD- 23.8-inch LCD panel is ideal for a wide variety of applications, from a desk-top use to wall-mounting, arm-mounting and outfield shooting. The monitor can be rack-mounted with a MB-L22 rack mount bracket and is supplied with a LMD-A Series type stand. The Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution is approximately 200% higher resolution than Wide-XGA (1366 x 768 or 1280 x 768), giving you sharp focus for pixel-by-pixel checking of a Full HD video with no scaling.

    Stylish lightweight and slim body

    The monitor has a robust and stylish sharp-edges chassis. Lighter weight and lower power consumption saves you money as well as space and weight in digital galleries. The monitor is also ideal for stand-alone applications such as basic non-linear editing, audio control room, simple video monitoring or video shooting.

    Simple all-in-one design style with front stereo speakers and natural ventilation system

    The LMD-B240 inherits its all-in-one design style from the PVM-A and LMD-A series. It has the mandatory interfaces such as SDI, HDMI and composite video with stereo analogue audio. You can monitor the embedded audio signals of an SDI signal on the audio level meters of the screen. 2W+2W front stereo speakers are more powerful than a monaural speaker or a rear speaker system and you can get a good stereophonic effect from them. It can be powered by both AC and DC with no AC adaptor. Its natural ventilation system ensures there are no distracting cooling fan noise.

    Easy operation in a group of Sony PVM/LMD monitors

    With the same operability as the PVM-A and LMD-A Series, you can easily go back and forth when using monitors from the different ranges in one system. You can easily select the best monitor for a function, according to your feature, quality and budget requirements.

    Selected essential functions for basic video operations

    LMD-B240 offers vital functions, including markers, WFM/vector, audio level meters, timecode display, camera focus function, side by side, Flip H/V and on-screen tally. The user reset function makes it easy to return the monitor to the default setting very quickly. This is very useful if a user is not familiar with the monitor settings. The LMD-B240 can be also operated in one of 7 languages (Chinese, English, French, Germany, Italian, Japanese and Spanish).

    Key Features

    • Unique SDI and HDMI sync-free side by side configurations

    • Lightweight and compact with lower power consumption

    • Optimised low-latency I/P conversion

    • Video input versatility

    • Computer input versatility

    • Waveform monitor, vector scope and audio level meter display

    • Front stereo speakers

    • User-friendly operability and user interface

    • Consistent design with PVM/LMD-A Series monitors

    • User reset, key inhibit and function key configuration short-cuts

    • Camera focus function

    • Time code function

    • On-screen tally

    • Flip functions

    • DC low power indicator

    • Wall-mount capability and LMD-A type stand

    • Natural ventilation system

    What’s In The Box

    • Monitor
    • AC power cord (1)
    • AC plug holder (1)
    • Before Using This Unit (1)
    • CD-ROM (1)





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