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HDCAM SR digital cassettes are designed to maximise recordings in HDCAM SR professional digital videotape recorders. These cassettes capture recording wavelength to 0.29 µm and represent the highest performance metal particle tape. For the most demanding applications such as special effects, 3D, archiving and film mastering, Sony HDCAM SR format ensures outstanding picture quality and ultra-mid signal compression. 

Key Features

• Expanding High-definition family.
• Equipped with a TeleFileTM system to further enhance asset management working practices.
• Ultra fine high-performance metal particles and new calendaring technology realise high output and high C/N.
• Durability to withstand repeated playbacks and edits.
• Cleaning Tape: BCT-HD12CL.

What’s In The Box

HDCAM SR Digital Cassette 



Sony’s market-leading professional media offer unrivalled quality, reliability and choice for shooting, editing, broadcasting and archiving.  ccktech has been distributing Sony products since 1998 and we continue to work very closely with our most long-standing partner.