SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE ArmorLOCK SSD

G-DRIVE ArmorLock Encrypted NVMe SSD


Next-Gen Security. New-Gen Simplicity.

We built the G-DRIVE ArmorLock SSD and app from the ground-up with technology that delivers revolutionary data protection that’s amazingly simple to use and doesn’t slow you down. Use the app to unlock and control who gets access to your drive – no password needed. Pro-grade performance and ultra-rugged features give you durability you can rely on. It’s next-generation security, with new-generation simplicity.

Key Features

Passwords are a Thing of the Past

Remembering passwords, entering codes and downloading software slows down access to critical content. We’ve removed access barriers without sacrificing content security. With ArmorLock™ technology, your phone is your key, leveraging your phone’s biometric authentication to simply and quickly access your content with the tap of a button.

Adrenaline for your Content

Transfer time is down time. With the G-DRIVE™ ArmorLock™ SSD heat dispersing, cool aluminum core you get sustained, pro-grade transfer speeds up to **1000MB/s read and 1000MB/s write.

Auto Unlock

Quickly gain access to confidential files on your G-DRIVE™ ArmorLock™ SSD by pre-authorsing your phone or computer. With the Auto Unlock feature you can conveniently unlock your drive automatically when connected to an authorised phone or computer.

The New Authority on Authorisation

Collaboration is critical to your workflow. Multiple users and drives create security risks. The ArmorLock™ app provides easy, multi-user authorisation and management features. From one drive to a fleet of drives, the ArmorLock™ app helps keep you in control.

Robust Drive Management

Before you ship your precious content to your partner, authorise them to unlock the G-DRIVE™ ArmorLock™ SSD using your favourite email or messaging service. With the app, you can format your drive to one of the compatible file systems and when your content is no longer needed, use the secure erase feature to confidently erase the drive with the tap of a button. Can’t remember where you last used your drive? The app will show you on a map.

High-Grade Data Security

Built with always on, high-grade 256-bit AES-XTS hardware encryption for powerful data protection without compromising on speed. The G-DRIVE™ ArmorLock™ SSD comes completely locked out of the box, shutting out access from the start. When a drive is unlocked you have fast access to stored content. Ejecting the drive automatically locks it – rendering all content inaccessible.

Built for Rigor

Production trucks, DIT carts, Pelican cases, and backpacks. The G-DRIVE™ ArmorLock™ SSD gives you pro-grade durability you can rely on. Hand it off and trust it’s safe with our durable, easy-to-hold enclosure, up to 3-meter drop protection***, 1,000 pound crush resistance, and IP67 dust and water resistance.

5-Year Limited Warranty

Backed by a professional-level, 5-year limited warranty so you know you have storage you can rely on for years to come.

What’s In The Box

  • G-DRIVE™ ArmorLock™ SSD
  • USB-C™ Cable
  • USB-C to USB-A Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
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SanDisk Professional

Introducing SanDisk Professional - Premium, pro-grade storage solutions built to flow with you, scalable to expand for any level of production and the durability to help protect your content that matters most.  SanDisk Professional combines the pro-grade heritage of G-Technology with the global trust of SanDisk to create one powerful professional portfolio purpose built to empower your biggest inspiration.