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Samsung 990 EVO

Upgrade everyday performance


Speed that stays ahead

The 990 EVO offers enhanced sequential read/write speeds up to 5,000/4,200 MB/s, and random read/write speeds up to 700K/800K IOPS, reaching 43% faster than the 970 EVO Plus 2TB. Wait less for games and access big files quick.

Evolved power efficiency

Turn right on and stay on. With a remarkable 70% improvement in power efficiency over the previous model, compute for longer without worrying about battery life. Plus, it supports Modern Standby, letting you stay connected to the internet and still receive notifications even in the low-power state.

Smart thermal solution

The 990 EVO’s heat spreader label helps thermal control of the NAND chip. Samsung’s cutting-edge thermal control algorithm, paired with Dynamic Thermal Guard, ensures both consistent and reliable performance. Keep your performance red-hot, not your drive.

Versatile fit for all you do

Designed to meet the demands of gaming, business and creative work. Supported by the latest PCle 4.0 x4 and PCle 5.0 x2 interfaces, it offers flexibility for current computing and what’s to come. Stay on top with this all round player

Samsung Magician software

Make your SSD works like magic. Samsung Magician software’s optimisation tools ensure the best SSD performance. It’s the safe and easy way to migrate all your data for a Samsung SSD upgrade. Protect valuable data, monitor drive health, and get the latest firmware updates.

Key Features

  • Supported by the latest PCIe® 4.0 x4 and PCIe® 5.0 x2 interfaces, offering flexibility for current and future computing.
  • Sequential read speeds of up to 5,000MB/s for quick access to games and large files.
  • Power efficient design puts less burden on your PC’s battery life.
  • Smart thermal solution provides consistent and reliable performance.
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Since 1993, we have firmly maintained our No.1 leadership in the global memory semiconductor market while contributing to the overall growth of the global IT market and building an unrivaled competitive edge. In 2016, we pushed the limit of memory semiconductor technology even further by introducing a host of industry-first products: the 10-nanometer class 16Gb LPDDR4 DRAM chips enable an 8GB mobile DRAM package for high-end smartphones and tablets, and the 15.36TB SAS SSD based on 48-layer 256Gb V-NAND technology delivers the industry’s highest storage capacity for leading enterprise customers.