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OWC Jellyfish Studio

Replacing the incredibly popular Jellyfish Mobile, the all-SSD desktop Jellyfish Studio brings massive leaps in speed, storage, and connectivity.

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Get massive leaps in speed, storage and connectivity with the Jellyfish Studio all-SSD NAS. Now you can easily share hi-res media for documentaries, feature films, episodic content, or large amounts of social media at every resolution and aspect ratio. When you need a super fast, high capacity, and silent desktop NAS for a large number of direct connected users, the Jellyfish Studio is perfect for your editing team or classroom.

Connectivity: Plug & play, 1GbE & 10GbE
The Jellyfish Studio can be used with or without a switch, but is designed to be plug and play with no IT or server rooms required to get up and running. A Studio can be configured with up to 14 user ports (6 x 10GbE + 8 x 1GbE).

Storage: 4 sizes, no compromises
Jellyfish Studio has 4 capacities to choose from, all configured with 12 x High-speed SATA SSD’s, 128GB DDR4 RAM, and 1 x 480GB Boot NVMe. Select from any of the following capacities: 24TB Raw/17TB Avail, 48TB Raw/30TB Avail, 90TB Raw/70TB Avail, 180TB Raw/140TB Avail. Raw capacity number is the total amount of space from the 12 x SATA SSD’s. Working space is what's actually available for storage after RAID, performance buffers, and overhead are applied.

Performance: Unlimited potential sitting on your desk
Get ready to say goodbye to spinning beach balls while your team cranks out content at the speed of thought. The Jellyfish Studio has 3500MB/s of sustained read/write speed to allocate across all of your users.

Setup & Software
Setup is Simple: The Jellyfish Studio server was designed to be unboxed and up and running in under 10 minutes with no prior networking experience required. You will be guided through each step of the setup online, and if you need additional help our support team is only a phone call away.

Key Features

  • Full SSD desktop shared media solution
  • 3500MB/s aggregated throughput
  • 24TB – 180TB Raw SSD storage capacity
  • 2 x 10GbE ports included, up to 14 direct connected users

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Base Config.

128GB DDR4 ECC RAM, 2 x 10GbE RJ45 Ports

Data Security

Raid Protection: All OWC Jellyfish utilize ZFS RAID which adds an extra layer of protection to your data since all data and metadata are stored on your pool.