Netgear 100GE-Enabled M4500 Series Switch

100GE-Enabled Managed Switches Data Sheet



The trend of moving matrix switching into the Ethernet network is acceleratingand AV over IP already delivers capabilities far beyond that of a traditionalmatrix switch. Historically it has been simple to design AV over IP systems of upto 96 I/Os using a single switch and Layer-2 Multicast IGMP. However, largerinstallations required data center-class 100G Ethernet switches with morecomplex Layer-3 multicast routing techniques, adding complexity and cost tothe Ethernet infrastructure. As networked AV systems become ever larger, anew class of switches has come to market. They combine the configurability ofa matrix switch with the power and scalability of Ethernet to support hundredsof AV over IP endpoints, at a price point dramatically cheaper than comparablematrix switches. Introducing two new 100GE enabled switches for ProAV,the M4500 series. Removing the need for Layer-3 PIM routing, these newswitches offer IGMP Plus and greatly simplify system architectures with thesame well-known Layer-2 techniques across the entire AV over IP network.Installers opting to use M4500 switches in their installation will find that it isalready preconfigured out of the box.

Key Features

  • The M4500-32C offers 32-port QSFP28preconfigured for 100G and can support40G QSFP+ and 50G QSFP28 optics or DACcables
  • The M4500-48XF8C offers 48-port SFP28preconfigured for 10G with 8-port 100GQSFP28 uplinks, and the SFP28 ports cansupport 10G and 25G
  • Installers opting to use M4500 switches intheir installation will find that it is alreadypreconfigured out of the box
  • True AV and multicast Zero Touch networkconfiguration: Connect AV-over-IPencoders and decoders, and power on theswitch. It just works!
  • IGMP Plus multicast allows for scalablePro AV installations at Layer 2 withoutthe PIM (Protocol Independent Multicast)complexity
  • IGMP Plus is default on VLAN 1 out of thebox and can be configured on another VLANfor automatic IGMP across M4500 andM4300 switches on that VLAN
  • Meet the requirements of highperformance, high availability, fastscale out, low latency performance,and continuous serviceability in sensibleapplications
  • The M4500 switches offer 1+1 power and4+2 fan redundancy, an x86 Intel Atom®Processor C3558 with 8GB DDR3/ECCRAM and 128GB SSD storage
  • The M4500 switches come with an industrystandard command line interface (CLI), SSH,SNMP, sFlow, and MLAG
  • An out of band 1 Gigabit Ethernet portfacilitates management, with simplifiedmacro-commands for AV-over-IPconfiguration
  • NETGEAR M4500 series is covered underNETGEAR ProSAFE Limited LifetimeHardware Warranty