EIZO ColorEdge CS2731

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High Definition

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    Let your creative passion guide you with this spacious 27-inch monitor for hobbyists and prosumers. Featuring a sleek, user-friendly design and many of the advanced features of EIZO’s ColorEdge line-up, you can enjoy the world of digital photography, illustration and more.

    The ColorEdge CS2731 unites precision, colour fidelity and cutting-edge connectivity. Convenient functionalities such as monitor signal transmission, rapid data transfer and the power supply feature for connected notebooks or tablets are enabled with just one USB-C cable. This makes the monitor the central dock for any graphic workflow. 

    As an integral component of the digital creation process, the CS2731 supports creatives like photographers, filmmakers and designers. The wide gamut (99% Adobe RGB), 16-bit look-up-table and precise factory calibration of the hardware-compatible graphics monitor allows you to get an unadulterated look at your image files. The Digital Uniformity Equaliser ensures a uniform image display via the entire display surface and makes the CS2731 the ideal monitor for sophisticated creatives with high standards.

    Key Features

    Colour Gamut

    A wider gamut means vivid colour on-screen and fewer surprises in print.


    Our colour tones appear the same at all points of the screen, without the brightness fluctuations that you get with a typical LCD.


    The Digital Uniformity Equaliser function provides optimum backlight luminance uniformity which is difficult to achieve on a standard LCD monitor.

    ColorNavigator 7

    Compatible with EIZO's leading calibration software to provide you with reliable, consistent colours.

    USB-Type C

    With USB-Type C you can display video, transmit USB signals, and supply power to a connected device such as a smartphone of PC. It leaves cable clutter and connectivity issue behind.



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    Pixel Density

    Colour Capability

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