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EIZO ColorEdge CS2420

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High Definition

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    Let your creativity blossom with this monitor for hobbyists and prosumers. Featuring a sleek, user-friendly design and many of the advanced features of EIZO's ColorEdge lineup, you can enjoy creating and editing digital photography, illustration, and more.

    The size of the gamut and the stability of the LCD technology’s viewing angle entirely depend on the sophistication of the electronics and the precision of the calibration. The ColorEdge CS2420 stands out with an EIZO microprocessor that was specifically developed for precise colour reproduction and calibration. 

    Its hues are adjusted during production in a 16-bit look-up- table for perfect gradation properties. This enables precise calibration in a flash. Because of this, the CS2420 displays colours and curves as precisely as possible for users. It is perfect for enthusiasts of amateur photography and image editing because it provides them with an unadulterated look at their images. As is typical for EIZO products, the CS2420 is manufactured from high-quality components in our own factory in Japan. This makes the product lastingly reliable, which is why it comes with a five- year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Key Features

    Colour Gamut

    A wider gamut means vivid colour on-screen and fewer surprises in print.


    Our colour tones appear the same at all points of the screen, without the brightness fluctuations that you get with a typical LCD.


    The Digital Uniformity Equaliser function provides optimum backlight luminance uniformity which is difficult to achieve on a standard LCD monitor.

    ColorNavigator 7

    Compatible with EIZO's leading calibration software to provide you with reliable, consistent colours.



    Screen Size


    Pixel Density

    Colour Capability

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