Blackmagic Design Mini Converter UPDownCross HD

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The ultimate signal converter designed for professional use.

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    Compact 3G-SDI and HDMI converter for converting any SD or HD Video format to any other SD or HD Format

    Mini Converter UpDownCross HD is a full standards converter that lets you convert any SD or HD video format to any other SD or HD video format using high quality Teranex algorithms. Simply set the output format you need and the input format is automatically converted, protecting your equipment from receiving an incorrect signal. It’s also perfect for connecting HDMI computers to SDI projectors because it scales the computer’s video to the broadcast television output standard that you choose. Mini Converter UpDownCross HD features multi rate 3G-SDI connections for working in all formats up to 1080p60 including Level A and B devices plus computer resolution scaling via HDMI in. You also get an HDMI input, reference in, audio delay for perfect AV sync, timecode conversion and both 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs allowing you to connect to virtually anything.

    Built for any environment

    Blackmagic Mini Converters are designed to be used anywhere. You can put them in equipment racks in the studio, on news trucks, or use them outside for live sports and other events. Mini Converters have a straightforward, compact design that makes them easy to use and super reliable for 24/7 operation. The built in connections are easy to access and use standard cables, plus all models feature built in mini switches to quickly change settings. There’s even a diagram with switch settings printed on the back so you never have to look for the manual.

    Safeguard against a damaged SDI cable

    Anything can happen during a live production and you can’t afford to lose a signal and go off air. All Blackmagic Mini Converters with SDI inputs feature an innovative redundant SDI input so you can run a second SDI cable as a back up in case one cable is damaged. This feature is great for outdoor use, or in large, crowded venues where there’s a chance cables might get damaged. Often it makes sense to run the second cable on a different route than the first. If the main input is lost, the converter automatically switches over to the second input, so you’re always on air.

    True broadcast quality for professional use

    With the highest quality 10-bit video processing and low jitter SDI, Mini Converters are ideal for the stringent requirements of broadcast, post production and professional AV. You get incredibly low noise levels when moving between analog and digital video formats. Low SDI jitter and full SDI re-clocking means you can run long cable lengths without any loss of video quality. Specific models include up/down/cross conversion that lets you move easily between PAL and NTSC SD video standards and the high number of HD formats, and then all the way up to massive 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD resolutions.

    Simple to set up and update

    Changing settings on Mini Converter's is as easy as using the built in function switches. This is great when you need to change settings quickly as there are no complicated menus to navigate. There’s even a printed switch diagram on each converter, so you never have to find the manual. You can also control settings using the included Converter Utility software by connecting the converter to any OS X or Windows computer. All models can be updated to the latest software via USB by simply downloading upgrades directly from the Blackmagic Design website and connecting the Mini Converter to your Mac or Windows computer. This means Mini Converters can be updated to include new video standards and technologies when they become available.

    Key Features

    • Up, down and cross converter, includes full NTSC/PAL standards converter
    • Full standards converter that lets you convert any SD or HD video format to any other SD or HD video format
    • You get both SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs
    • Reference input for built in re-sync
    • High quality Teranex conversion algorithms
    • Automatic audio delay for perfect AV syncc

    What’s In The Box

    • 1x Mini Converter Up Down Cross
    • 1x Instruction Manual
    • 1x 12V universal power supply with international socket adaptors