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GB Labs Unify Hub

Seamless, On-Premise, Cloud & Remote Integration

As businesses shift towards a more hybrid workflow, Unify Hub is here to tackle the issues of working remotely and keeping your workflow functioning at its best whether your team are at home or in the office.

Unify Hub has two parts to the technology: cloud integration and remote workspaces. These work together to provide seamless on- premise, cloud and remote working integration.

The Appliance

The Unify Hub appliance is a beautifully designed 1U server with onboard caching, multiple 10Gb network/ethernet ports.

A great benefit to the Unify Hub appliance is providing you have SMB share on your storage, it can work in conjunction with ANY third party storage.

The Software

If you are an existing GB Labs customer running CORE.4 or CORE.4 Lite on a SPACE, ECHO or FastNAS, you may have noticed Unify Hub in the toolbar on your dashboard.

You can unlock this by upgrading to the latest CORE.4 V4.3.1 and install onto your server and have access to all the great features and tools Unify Hub has to offer. The software is an annual subscription.

Cloud Integration

  • Reduction in egress fees
  • Secure single SMB sign-on
  • Simplified user management
  • Cloud end points as SMB
  • Auditing
  • ‘One pane of glass’ data visibility
  • Accelerated cloud access
  • Saves time and money
  • Preserves internet bandwidth
  • Connect office to Cloud

Remote Working

  • An on-premise experience from home/remote
  • Fast data access
  • Security
  • One set of data
  • Flexibility
  • Intelligent acceleration
  • Unify Hub Connect Client App

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