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Spectra Vail

Spectra Vail® is a breakthrough cloud data management software solution for the multi-cloud world.

Distributed Multi-Cloud Data Management Software

Vail unifies all of your data, allowing you to leverage on-prem applications and native cloud services, no matter where your data is created or stored.

Multi-Cloud Data Management

Unlock access to cloud services

Vail combines cloud storage and on-prem infrastructure into a single name space. This allows organizations to extract more value from their data by enabling legacy and modern applications to take advantage of cloud services, no matter where the data resides.

Automate data placement across multi-cloud and multi-sites

Vail facilitates the orchestration of data across multiple clouds and multiple sites to ensure that data resides in the location where it brings the most value and at optimal cost. Customer defined policies automate the placement of data while assigning the retention policies that best meets corporate service levels.

Universal access to data​

Vail enables organizations to extend their data center into the public cloud and unifies on-prem and cloud storage into a single namespace. The data is available from one or multiple locations, allowing on-prem and cloud applications to use the same data without negatively impacting performance. When data is no longer needed in the public cloud, a golden copy can be maintained on-premises, and the data that is in the public cloud can be removed. Vail curates copies of your data and, through policy management, transfers the data to the optimal location for as long as needed.

Spectra Logic Vail Software

This video shows how Spectra’s Vail, a distributed multi-cloud software, unifies data to enable on-premises applications with cloud services — no matter where data is created or stored.

Vail Use Cases

Customer wants to leverage public cloud but is having challenges migrating data and apps to the cloud

Customer wants to leverage combination of multiple public and/or private clouds

Customer is using the cloud and wants to manage cloud storage cost

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