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Spectra StorCycle

Spectra's Revolutionary Storage Lifecycle Management Software

Storage Lifecycle Management Software

StorCycle is a cost-effective storage management software that reduces the total cost of storage while leaving all data accessible, all the time. StorCycle identifies and moves inactive data or completed projects from primary file-based storage to a lower tier of storage, that includes object storage, NAS, tape and cloud. This action frees up primary storage capacity for active projects, improves performance, and reduces administrative time. Perfectly suited for industries such as genomics, education, research, media and entertainment, and general IT environments, StorCycle can drastically reduce an organization’s total cost of storage without changing the user experience of accessing data.

Key Features:   

  • Reduce overall cost of storing data by up to 70%
  • Identifies inactive data that consumes expensive primary storage capacity
  • Migrates data to a more affordable, protected tier of storage
  • Fully accessible to users at any time

Spectra StorCycle Overview

Data is the lifeblood of organizations today, and knowing how to manage and store that data is proving to be one of the most challenging tasks for individuals managing data.

The cost of secondary storage hardware has been declining year over year and is projected to continue to drop in price for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, the cost of traditional data management software required to move data from the Primary Tier to lower-cost storage has been increasing.

It’s not uncommon to see data management software cost more than the storage medium on a per-capacity basis, making current solutions cost multipliers rather than cost reducers. But, how do you leverage the affordability of secondary storage?

StorCycle was developed to be an affordable data and storage lifecycle management software solution that will reduce the total cost of storage while leaving all data accessible, all the time. No longer do organizations need to fully redesign their storage infrastructure to implement a storage lifecycle management software solution. StorCycle requires nothing more than a Windows or Linux server that has access to your primary storage.

Migration Methods – Project Archive and Auto Migrate

For known projects that are completed, StorCycle has a project archive function that allows for entire directories to be fully archived when a project is completed and the data is no longer needed, but cannot be deleted. Examples of project archives include experiment result sets, television episodes, instrument data sets, and more. Files and projects can be selected for migration to a lower cost Perpetual Tier regardless of activity level. Metadata can be added to help in the searchability of any given project allowing for easy access if the data is ever needed again.

For organizations that do not know where their inactive data is, StorCycle offers an automated migration function. Directories or entire file shares can be scanned and migrated based on user-defined policies. The StorCycle scan will efficiently “walk” the file system and report the age and size of all files in the data set. Policies can then be set to migrate inactive data based on age, size and file type.

License Levels





Customer can use existing NAS as a storage target for StorCycle. StorCycle can be purchased as a permanent license or a subscription license.

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