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Spectra BlackPearl

Simply and affordably preserves your data forever.

Converged Storage System

Simply and affordably preserves your data forever. Spectra® BlackPearl® Converged Storage System solves the problem of costly and complex approaches to digital preservation by combining multiple standard interfaces and storage targets into a simple and affordable solution designed for diverse workflows.

Designed for diverse workflows, it allows data to move seamlessly into disk, tape and cloud storage in a way not previously possible. To meet the demands of exponential data growth and long-term data retention, BlackPearl enables users to easily store large data sets economically and efficiently for as long as required.

Key Features

Why BlackPearl?

Storing data is a challenge. Storing data affordably, while providing more protection than ever before in an increasingly data-protection-sensitive climate, may be an organization’s single greatest obstacle. 

See how the Spectra BlackPearl is helping to pave the way.





Storage Targets

BlackPearl Converged Storage System unlocks multiple storage targets including spin-down disk, deep storage tape, and even public cloud. Through BlackPearl’s advanced data policy management software, data can be stored on any storage target and policies can be applied to determine how many copies will be made on each storage target and how long the data will reside.

BlackPearl Workflows for Moving Data

Data can be archived to Spectra Logic storage via several different paths or workflows. Manual file movement is employed when the user can identify the files to be moved themselves. Advanced scanning software can search a file system and identify files to be archived based on date, project, or other criteria. 

Fully automated archiving software can continuously scan and archive inactive files while still allowing users to access the files as they always have. And applications intended for other specific tasks, such as video asset management software, can allow users to archive directly to Spectra storage without leaving the application.

Overview Video

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