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BlackPearl S3 Hybrid Cloud Object Storage

Scalable object-based disk storage that seamlessly extends to tape & cloud

Ready to bring the high cost of cloud storage down to earth?

BlackPearl S3 hybrid cloud storage delivers far more than ordinary object storage platforms. It’s a versatile solution to create tiers of on-prem object-based disk & tape that extend to the cloud, delivering an ideal blend of performance, cost-effectiveness and scalability for all your backup & archival needs.

Backup & Disaster Recovery​

BlackPearl S3 is an ideal target platform for backup & recovery, enabling highly-effective storage & secure access to object-based data.

Active & Long-Term Archival

BlackPearl S3 is an optimal choice for both active & long-term data retention archives. As archives grow, it easily expands or extends to tape, cloud or both.

Media & Entertainment Content Archival

BlackPearl S3 excels at rapid access to large videos, high-res images & media assets, perfect for content libraries & production workflows​.

Benefits of BlackPearl S3 Hybrid Cloud Object Storage

S3-Compatible Storage

Configure your storage to match your needs with S3 Infrequent Access & Glacier storage tiers, providing cost-efficient flexibility.​

Cost-Effective Data Management

Optimize budgets by storing large, unstructured datasets at a fraction of the cost compared to public cloud storage, ensuring data is both secure & affordable.

On-Prem Performance with Cloud Flexibility​

Experience the best of both worlds - enjoy the flexibility of the cloud combined with on-prem performance, ensuring your data is accessible and responsive.

Data Immutability​

Object Lock (WORM) ensures your data remains impervious to deletion or unauthorized modification, offering robust ransomware resiliency.​

Data Control & Compliance

You have full control over your data, allowing you to maintain sensitive information or proprietary data within your physical infrastructure.

Complete Data Security

Encryption safeguards your critical data from unintended exposure in flight & at rest, ensuring security even if ransomware attacks.

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