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Lyve Mobile Shuttle

Put Data in Motion

Rugged and secure storage for the emerging edge.

Seagate Lyve Mobile Shuttle

Purpose-Built for the Emerging Edge

Take control of your data transfer and transport costs when moving data across your enterprise. Lyve™ Mobile Shuttle is an edge storage solution that allows you to store and move data to and from emerging edge environments with and without using a computer. Support for most industry-standard file systems means you can easily ingest data from direct-attached, network-attached, or external storage devices.
Plug-and-Play Simplicity
Ready for use with direct- or network-attached devices. Move data in your workflow without additional applications.
Fast and Affordable
Overcome bandwidth limitations to quickly transfer data with a flexible and efficient subscription model.
Secure and Rugged
Ruggedized case protects data in transport while AES 256-bit hardware encryption keeps data secure.
PC-Free Data Transfer
Transfer data from your edge network without a computer. Just connect the source directly to the Mobile Shuttle and use the e-ink display to begin the transfer.
Intuitive Data Transfer — No Computer Necessary
Experience true simplicity with drag-and-drop functionality that’s similar to using an external USB drive.
Lyve Mobile Shuttle supports most industry-standard file systems and network protocol for easy ingestion from direct-attached, network-attached, and other external storage devices.
Leverage a lit status e-ink touch screen to copy files directly without a PC, whether in dark or bright environments.

Lyve Mobile Shuttle

DAS Mode

Connect USB-C cable directly into your host system and manually drag-and-drop your data onto the Mobile Shuttle or automate the data management workflow with Lyve Client software or the e-ink display.


Lyve Mobile Shuttle

NAS Mode

Plug the Mobile Shuttle directly into your network with 10 GbE and transfer data manually or automatically.


Lyve Mobile Shuttle

Ingest Mode

Connect your edge recording device storage directly to Mobile Shuttle and transfer data manually or automatically from your drone, audiovisual equipment and IoT devices.

Trusted Data Protection​

Safeguard your data with Seagate Secure™, which offers hardware encryption for data at rest and in motion and user management to unlock the device and manage unique encryption keys.
Use Lyve Client software to unlock your Lyve Mobile Array and manage your Lyve Mobile storage devices and encryption. Benefit from an automated data workflow.

Features Include:

Lyve Mobile

Data Transfer as a Service

Move mass data in days, not weeks, with self-service subscription-based transfers.

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