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LucidLink for Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud productivity

LucidLink empowers Premiere Pro editors and After Effects artists to work more efficiently so they can cut out the chaos of post-production.

Integration with Premiere Pro and After Effects

Pin and unpin

With a single click, you can pin sequences, clips, proxies, compositions and bins so they’ll permanently persist in the local cache.

Quick settings

Fine-tune your settings and optimize your performance with a single click.

Clip info + link

Now, you can get both clip and proxy media paths right in the LucidLink panel. Copy LucidLink’s clip link for an easy way to instantly share and collaborate.

Search for clips, folders, sequences and compositions

And do it right within our panel using the handy search field so you can quickly find and pin only what is needed.

Cross-platform compatibility

Working in MacOS or Windows? Get ready for a smooth ride. LucidLink and the Panel for Creative Cloud are compatible with your operating system.

They make Premiere Pro go, go, go

Download. Relink. Sync. Download. Relink. Sync. Wash. Rinse. Eat pizza at your desk. Repeat. Whether you’re working with Premiere Productions, individual projects or Premiere Team Projects, you can end this madness now. Just add LucidLink.

Get off the slow syncing ship

For video editors, LucidLink’s Filespace is not just a shared drive but a gateway to efficiently working together while working from anywhere. Every change, every update is instantly available to the entire team for real-time Premiere Pro collaboration.

Collaboration, on lock

LucidLink enhances your ability to maintain creative control and avoid editing conflicts with Premiere Pro Project Locking. Now you can be extra sure that your team is on the same page on shared projects.

The more the merrier

LucidLink’s works great Premiere Team Projects and Premiere Productions. More seamless than seamless has ever been before, it allows unlimited users to collaborate efficiently on unlimited files and unlimited projects – all with the Adobe native tools they know and love.

Centralized storage

Easily access all your media from a single Filespace, no matter where your team is located. We’re looking at you, Antarctica.

Everyone is welcome on the cloud

Now you can take your collaborative editing to new heights previously unimagined with any software.

No more file miscommunication

Always aligned. Every file type, every format. So your audio, design and motion graphics teams will always be too.

Unleash your team’s potential

See how creatives use LucidLink and Adobe Creative Cloud together to make their best work

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