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Sony PVM-X2400

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24-inch 4K HDR TRIMASTER High Grade Picture Monitor

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4K HDR picture monitor colour-matches with the BVM-HX310 master monitor, ideal for 4K and HD productions

The PVM-X2400 is a 24-inch 4K HDR high grade picture monitor, incorporating a Sony-specified premium LCD panel that offers 1000 cd/m2 luminance and colour matching with the BVM-HX310 4K HDR master monitor. This makes group monitoring easy for on-set, studio and truck applications, and in 19” EIA racks for editing, audio mixing etc.

TRIMASTER assures accurate colour reproduction, precise imaging and consistent picture quality

Sony’s acclaimed TRIMASTER architecture delivers accurate picture reproduction, precise imaging and quality picture consistency. There are many advantages in the panel control and signal processing system such as fast processing, accurate linearizing of an input signal with Optical Electrical Transfer Function, accurate colour reproduction, etc.

Future HDR-SDR conversion support

With future V2.0* firmware and the optional PVML-HSX1, HDR-SDR conversion license, the PVM-X2400 will support HDR-SDR conversion in live production environments. The license will activate: 4K to HD down-conversion, colour space conversion, OETF conversion, Progressive to Interlace conversion and Quad-link 3G to Single-link 12G conversion. It will also allow the output of converted pictures to other 4K or HD monitors via the Enhanced Monitor Output. This planned feature will facilitate local or remote monitoring of converted signals. The license activation will be field upgradeable via USB memory, providing conversion capabilities to a current PVM-X2400 monitor (upgraded to V2.0* firmware)

* A V2.0 firmware update will be available at a later date. V1.0 firmware will be upgradable to V2.0 or higher via the monitor’s USB port.

Future User 3D LUT signal output support

The future V2.0* firmware and the optional PVML-HSX1 HDR-SDR conversion license will also support the output of signals with applied User 3D LUTs via the Enhanced Monitor Output to other 4K/HD devices further facilitating efficient workflows in live production, cinema, drama, commercial, music and documentary production environments.

* A V2.0 firmware update will be available at a later date. V1.0 firmware will be upgradable to V2.0 or higher via the monitor’s USB port.

SR Live metadata

Planned as a standard feature for V2.0* release, will be support for SR Live metadata which will enable the PVM-X2400 monitor settings to be matched to the incoming signal. This will help to streamline use of the monitor in SR Live workflows.

* A V2.0 firmware update will be available at a later date. V1.0 firmware will be upgradeable to V2.0 or higher via the monitor’s USB port.

Dynamic Contrast Drive and Black Detail High/Mid/Low

Dynamic Contrast Drive is a new backlight control system that dynamically changes the panel’s backlight luminance to adapt to changing content enabling you to confirm the total balance of highlights and low lights at a glance. The feature can be used to reproduce black representation in dark content, such as night scenes and provide specular highlights in bright content such as snow field and summer beach scenes. The Dynamic Contrast Drive feature provides a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

Due to the inherent nature of LCD panels, some backlight leakage is unavoidable. To compensate, Black Detail Mode High/Mid/Low facilitates more accurate monitoring of black detail in dark, low- APL (average picture level) images. The backlight level is reduced but gamma is maintained for correct colour and grey scale. High luminance areas may be clipped due to the dynamic range of the monitor. Any clipped portions can be displayed as clipped or highlighted by a zebra pattern.

Inputs for 12G-SDI and Quad-Link 3G-SDI to HD-SDI as well as HDMI

The PVM-X2400 provides 12G-SDI inputs, and can accept quad-link 3G-SDI and a single HD-SDI from traditional devices. The monitor also supports an HDMI connection for display of inputs with signal formats ranging from 640×480/60P PC up to 4096×2160/60P 4:2:2 YCBCR 12bit.

Various scopes

A waveform monitor and vector scope can be simultaneously displayed with scales for both HDR and SDR, supporting signal confirmation of both input signal level and output luminance. There are three different displays for luminance, RGB/YCBCR parade or RGB overlay with the gamut error display. The waveform of a specified line can also be displayed.

Furthermore, with future V2.0* firmware, a colour gamut scope will be available that maps colours in the CIE1931 standard chart with the standard colour space area display.

* A V2.0 firmware update will be available at a later date. V1.0 firmware will be upgradable to V2.0 or higher via the monitor’s USB port.

Unique quad view display with User 3D LUT

The PVM-X2400 provides a quad view display, with individual settings for EOTF (SDR/HDR), colour space, transfer matrix, colour temperature, contrast, brightness, SDI/HDMI, RGB/YCBCR, as well as User 3D LUTs for each display view. With the future V2.0* firmware, this function will be enhanced to also support the display of scopes when monitoring in Triple or Dual picture modes.

* A V2.0 firmware update will be available at a later date. V1.0 firmware will be upgradable to V2.0 or higher via the monitor’s USB port.

Enhanced user interface and channel select button

The monitor’s OSD (On Screen Display) has been significantly enhanced to make operation faster and more intuitive. The new design enables review and quick adjustment of settings. The Channel select button protects users from making inadvertent setting errors.

Optimised features for field operation

The PVM-X2400 is specially designed for field operations with a lightweight construction and handles (included) for portability. DC 24V operation allows field-based operation, despite the monitor’s large 24” screen size and high 1000 cd/m2 luminance. An optional protection panel* protects the premium LCD screen from inadvertent shocks. Yoke-mounting is also supported. Field operation is further enhanced by false colour and camera focus functions**. The false colour feature assigns the in-coming signal different colours for different exposure levels, providing a fast and effective tool for verifying exposure. The Focus Assist feature displays incoming images with sharpened edges to help determine camera focus. The sharpened edges can be displayed in user-selectable colours (white, red, green, blue, and yellow) for more precise focusing.

* The optional protection panel cannot be used during monitor operation to protect screen from backlight heat.

** Supported with V2.0. A V2.0 firmware update will be available at a later date. V1.0 firmware will be upgradable to V2.0 or higher via the monitor’s USB port.

Various mount capabilities

Despite its large 24-inch screen size, the PVM-X2400 can be installed in a 19-inch EIA standard rack in studio and OB van environments. Yoke-mount and wall mount options are also available for installation in a C stand for field use, or on a desktop arm for editing.

Powerful stereo sound with audio muting

The PVM-X2400 incorporates stereo speakers (2W+2W) with audio muting.

Key Features

• Dynamic Contrast Drive

• Black Detail High/Mid/Low

• Versatile 4K video input capability

• Various signal settings and automatic setting via Video payload ID

• Enhanced user interface

• 4K/HD scopes with HDR/SDR scale and audio level meter display

• Unique Quad View display

• Camera focus function

• Yoke-mount and wall-mount capability

• Room clearance connector panel design

• 4K (4096 x 2160) and 2K (2048 x 1080) input

• Flexible and variable area markers, aspect marker and centre marker

• Power-on setting

• Optimised low-latency I/P conversion

• Zoom function

• Stereo speakers (2W+2W) with audio muting

• Extensive basic functions

What’s In The Box

• AC power cord (1)

• AC plug holder (1)

• CD-ROM (1)

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