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Sony Expert SD UHS-I Class 10 R94MBs / W70MBs

Sony 16GB Class 10 UHS-1 Secure Digital SDHC Memory Card.



These days, we rely on our memory cards to store photos, videos, music, documents and a whole variety of other multimedia files. They’re easy to use and a convenient way of transferring data to and from computers or just to take out on the road.

With Sony SD cards, you’ve got the quality, speed and capacity to handle just about anything in life. From your holiday memories on your camcorder to your game data on your console. From simple PowerPoint presentations to hi-def D-SLR photographs. Free software and a 5 year warranty gives you the confidence to store and share the moment you take your card out of its case.

Expert Series

Of course, if you have the best equipment, you’re going to need the best media. The biggest, the fastest, the most secure. Expert Series UHS-I SDHC and SDXC cards are ideal for professional photographers shooting RAW or JPEG images and serious photo enthusiasts looking to capture athletes and wildlife in full flight with total precision.

It’s not just about performance, although with a read speed of 94 MB per second, these cards are lightning fast. It’s not just about capacity either, even though you can choose up to 64GB. With Expert Series, it’s the whole deal that matters. These cards are waterproof, X-ray proof, temperature proof and shock proof. They come with a five year warranty and free File Rescue and X-Pict Story software. If you need the best, these are the cards for you.

Software – File Rescue

Just imagine how you would feel if those once-in-a-lifetime panoramas of your trip to the Himalayas became corrupted. Or you couldn’t open precious work files. Sony File Rescue software steps in at these times to enable quick and easy recovery of lost or damaged data. It can even recover files that have been accidentally erased from your card and supports 3D movies and photos, as well as Full HD 60p video.

X-Pict Story

It’s great taking photos but it’s even better when you put them into a slideshow for all to enjoy. With X-Pict Story, making dazzling photo presentations is a doddle. Choose your layout and sync images to effects and music. Everything is created automatically in three easy steps and it’s so much fun to use.

Key Features

• Speed Class: Class 30

• Read Speed: 94MB/s 

• Compatibility: UHS-1, SDHC, SDXC

• Warranty: 5 Years

What’s In The Box

• SD Memory Card

• Warranty Card



Sony’s market-leading professional media offer unrivalled quality, reliability and choice for shooting, editing, broadcasting and archiving.  ccktech has been distributing Sony products since 1998 and we continue to work very closely with our most long-standing partner.